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Mission Statement

The Montgomery County Democratic Women’s Leadership Initiative mentors, nurtures, elects and assists Democratic women interested in political life and with political aspirations to increase the number of women elected to all levels of government.
Our Goals
  • Form a network of women in all phases of political life to mentor women in furthering their political experience.

  • Use our PAC to support and endorse women running for office.

  • Educate young women about the importance of political participation.

  • Recruit and develop women leaders/candidates.

  • Provide resources and information to women interested in politics, elections, voting and civic life.

  • Take an active role in campaigns and in our communities.

Women in Elective Office
Pennsylvania 2019


  • US Senate:

    • Total Senators: 2

    • Total Women: 0

  • US House:

    • Total Members: 19

    • Total Women: 4


Statewide Elected Executive Positions

  • Governor: Male

  • Other Statewide Elected Executive: 0


State Legislature/State Senate:

  • State Senate:

    • Total Senators: 50

    • Total Women: 12

  • State House/Assembly:

    • Total Members: 203

    • Total Women: 52


Percentage of Women in State Legislature: 26%


Source: Pennsylvania Center for Women & Politics, Chatham University

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